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Domestic animal park
Károly Varga, owner  
38. Csurgó utca, Alsóújlak, H-9842
Telephone: 0036/30/490-1113

Nagyobb térképre váltás
Guided presentation of landscape preserving animal-keeping (Mangalitsa, grey cattle, buffalo, sheep, horses, goats etc). Tasting dishes made of Mangalitsa meat: bacon, cracklings, sausages, cattle-goulash, pig culling feast.  

Program for children, a petting zoo, fun competitions, horse-carriage riding, excursion into the nature: Road of Soldiers, Jeli Arboretum and the wine-hill at Alsóújlak. Within the frame of the Tündérkert program an autochthonous orchard was established. The animal park spanning over several hectares can be found in the vicinity of the village and church cemetery from the Roman Ages in the neighbourhood of a wine-hill.
Rural guest house with a closed parking lot, home-made dishes.

One of the stations of the Kneipp thematic route is to be found here: arm bath, foot bath, barefoot paths and meditation benches. A heatable gastro- and culture-shack is the ideal location for vocational and leisure-time programs. The Kitchen of National Tastes, featuring not only gastronomy shows and tastings but also the opportunity for guests to cook their own favourite dishes from ingredients which we provide, is a novelty. Groups of 10-45 can utilise the facility all over the year. Advance notification required.

Kneipp objects:
  • Arm wash: („5 minutes of refreshment”)
Put both of your arms into its cold water for a maximum of 30 seconds – first start with your right arm then continue with the left until the middle of your upper arm. First you will feel cold (a nice tingle on your skin). Dry your arm by moving (circle your arms) until you feel warm.
It is not recommended in case of coronary and circulatory diseases, high blood pressure, or severe rheumatic complaints. 
  • Knee rinse
Accommodation for a maximum of 6 people in a rural guest house. 

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