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Romanesque Catholic church from the 13th century
Hárs u.,  Döröske H-9913

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On the northernmost point of the village, on the edge of the steep mountains overlooking the Rába valley there is a Romanesque Catholic church from the 13th century in the old cemetery.  The church is small brick building with a single-naved, semi-circled chancel. The chancel is an original and is covered by a Romanesque semi-cupola, the roof of the nave was flat, today it has a 19th century Prussian dome. 

Earlier it was the mass of the building to indicate the medieval origin, research from 1992 unearthed several details. The former bricked gate and the remnants of its buttress were found on the southern façade, just like a semi-arch shaped loophole above the door. The original windows remained in the chancel, remnants of the semi-columns to structure the chancel wall along with the semi-arch shaped, saw-toothed cornice running along the entire building were found.  
Despite its simple form the building is valuable and fits well into the row of west-transdanubean village churches from the Árpád-ages. 

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