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Actively in the nature

Csodaszarvas Landscape Park

Nagyobb térképre váltás
The Csodaszarvas Landscape park is located next to the Rába river in the vicinity of the municipality of Rábahidvég along the main road Nr. 8. 

It bears the signs of both the Őrség and the Hegyhát regions. The study path within the frames of the forest school shows the flora and fauna of the Rába—river region. During the walk guests can meet domestic and wild animals and gain insight into animal breeding.  The unique forest and water ropeway is ideal for those who like to spend their leisure time actively. We also provide means for archery. Basketball, volleyball and a football field with artificial grass awaits sportspeople, while there is a handicrafts yard and a fairground for the smaller ones. A 2 hectares fishing lake and an own boat-harbour on the Rába complement the services of the park.
We welcome daily visitors, but we also organise school class trips, summer camps, family week-ends based on traditions and team-building events. We provide special accommodation for guests staying for several nights: they can sleep in tents, yurts, a barn, but also in the rooms of the guesthouse and the bathing-house. 
Guests can use the facilities of our bathing-house, infra saunas, Finnish saunas and salt chamber, in the frame of an evening program with dinner.
School excursions, tradition preserving camps, family gatherings and company events – the Csodaszarvas Landscape Park is the ideal location.

Kneipp objects:
  • Arm wash
  • Dry roundel
  • Water roundel
  • Meditational chair
  • Sundial

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