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Miród-spring with stations and Holy Virgin votive deposit
Információ: Miród-forrásért Egyesület
Takó Gábor – president of the associaton
Tel.: +3630/300-1661

Nagyobb térképre váltás
The key sight in the village is the Mirród-spring, which is a Holy Virgin sanctuary. The first documents about the history of the spring are from 1248. Earlier on the villagers came with mugs and chalices to bring the water to their homes because they believed that the spring water had healing powers, especially when it came to healing gynaecological diseases. Every September the villagers held a parish fair devoted to the Holy Virgin.
The spring was renewed by the Association for the Miród-Spring and it offers pleasant means of relaxing and an excellent program venue. 

Exact, valid and new data originate from 1864 when the historian, Frigyes Pesty, tried to collect famous sights from all municipalities and found this in Kemenestaródfa. The municipality judge, Ferenc Márton, answered this to his question:
 „The Rákos-well is a spring at the foothills of the Ó-hegy and was named after the Rákos family. People suffering from the chill come to this spring, drink of its water and tie a knot made of hair or other disgusting things onto the adjacent bushes. The cold, maybe hard water of the spring was known to other municipalities as well as it has some healing powers, because people who drank its water were cured of the chill.”
What is more, there was a bridge over the Strem brook (the water of the spring runs into it) which Austrians used during the Monarchy to come to the spring. Next to the spring there were benches where people could rest their weary feet. Visitors sometimes lit a fire and fried bacon.  Behind the spring there was an altar-chapel with the statue of the Holy Virgin on the side of the shore, because the old inhabitants elected her to be the patron of their municipality. Each September they held a parish fair and made a pilgrimage to the spring.
The Association for the Miród-spring completed the spring itself, which is a chapel with the spring-water flowing underneath it. A big wooden cross was erected next to the spring and opposite the entrance so that pilgrims can see it from afar. Next to the cross they put a sermon altar and a commemorative sign of the actor Imre Sinkovits. The votive deposit was surrounded by a fence to protect it against animals. Today the Miród-spring became one of the most important touristic attractions in the county. 

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