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Heritage of our ancestors (4 days/3nights)

1. day: Heritage of the Batthyány-family in Körmend: visiting the castle and the Dr Ladislaus Batthyány-Strattmann, a short walk in the restored castle garden, the Saint Elisabeth roman-catholic church, visiting the Batthyány oratory.
Walk along the Rába shore, Skiff house (boat harbour)
2. day: In the morning: Sacred heritage: monument church from the Árpád-Ages in Vasalja, Miród-spring and Holy Virgin sanctuary, monumental roman catholic church in Rönök, Batthyány-castle in Csákánydoroszló, fortified rotunda in Nádasd, Romanesque catholic church in Döröske
In the afternoon: leisure time programs and relaxation combined with a forest walk in the Csodaszarvas Landscape Park: walking along the study-path, petting zoo with domestic animals, fairground, forest adventure park for the big and small, fishing.
3. day: In the morning: Vasvár, the medieval county centre: Dominican monastery, temple and museum square, main square with the Well of Kings, Piece House, Rowing-Lake, Szentkút place of pilgrimage, city look-out.
Visit to the Fukszberger Family Apiary, honey tasting and buying.
Discovering the Vasvár Entrenchment and the Vaskapu Park forest.
In the afternoon: visit to the Domestic Animal Park in Alsóújlak, followed by a tasting of Mangalitsa pork products.
The cemetery church from the Árpád-Ages is only a few minutes’ walk from the animal park (about 800 m)
Remnants of peasant viniculture, the Mountain Shepherd wine-cellars on the Oszkó wine hill, offer a discovery and provide an opportunity or tasting wines.
4. day: Excursion to Szőce, and a visit to the monumental church from the Árpád-Ages then a pleasant walk on the mossy meadow.
Visiting the medieval church in Hegyhátszentjakab, combined with a pleasant bath in the Vadása-lake.
Discovering the ancient castle hill in Őrimagyarósd.

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