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Birkás Pálinka Ltd.


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Our family business was founded in 1990. The palinka distilling plant is on the border of Vas and Zala counties. We produce palinka using almost 40 different kinds of fruits with different alcohol levels, 40% , 48%, 56% and 70% . Besides the traditional fruit palinka we produce liqueur with honey as well. Our palinkas are listed in the „Hungarikums”, in the traditional hungarian product’s list. They’ve participated in Hungarian and international competitions with outstanding results. We are very proud of our Vasi Vadkörte pálinka (Wild pear pálinka), which is under national and european protection. We warmly welcome our guests to our „Pálinkahouse”, where you can visit the production line, from the raw material processing to the brandy, pálinka distillation and the bottling. Our products are available in our shop.
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