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Csodaszarvas Inn and Landscape Park


Csodaszarvas Tájpark külterület 035/18
47.066755, 16.731288


The architecture and gastronomy of Őrség and Göcsej with the hospitality of Rábahídvég! The connection and cohesion of these three destinations results in a balanced atmosphere. It is a pleasure to spend time there either as a guest or as a host. You will find a pond, a river, a pasture as well as gastronomy on these 16 hectares. There are traditional buildings that are true to the past and also developments that look far into the future. The best parts of the past, the present and the future can be found there. „Experienced accommodation- the moment you leave the noise behind” You park your car and get out. You don’t even have time to grab your baggage, because a nice person steps up to you, you look around and you can feel it: YOU WILL HAVE AN AMAZING TIME HERE! You can feel the calm energy of the trees, animals, the earth, the water and the air. You discover the surroundings: the luscious green grass, the gently rolling water of the lake, soft rustling reed, animals, houses with thatched roofs and the amazingly carved buildings. A kitten comes up to you and offers to show you the neighborhood. Beside the peace you can also be active here. There is a football field with artificial grass and a sanded live foosball field also available. There are boats and a ferry on the lake while a family is fishing by the shore. You can pick between sleeping in a Lake house, a country house or in an Inn. There are rooms with different themes, some are striped, some have polka dots, while some are green or white. Pick your favorite! „Production of our own raw materials – as we learned from our Grandmas” “Orda” and “Trappista” cheeses are being made in the cheese shop and the “Parenyica” is ready for being smoked. They will make their way to the breakfast table from here. Did you see the handmade, clay oven in the Inn? Well, we bake the bread in it at dawn, using a 4 years old sourdough. You will want to wake up for that! You’ve just walked by the henhouse… yes your scrambled eggs come from it as well as the rich and delicious wedding soup. Our basic rule is that we only work with seasonal products the way Nature provides them. You will see, we grow everything here. The pantry is full of delicious, homemade pickles and jams. „Active recreation or ZEN calmness?” You don’t have to decide now. You can try one of the hammocks in the reading grove – surrounded by trees, while you are enjoying the chirping of the birds. But if you need a little bit of movement or adrenaline, you can build a crate tower or do archery in the woods. The River Rába runs here, we’ll go canoeing as well. We will not only search for the best wine of the Carpathian Basin for you, but you’ll also get the best stories to come along with them.

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