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Olaszfa Croft




Wine tasting for 10-12 people is available with gold and silver medal winning wine and appetizers on the hills of Olaszfa. For bigger teams the same set up can be arranged at the parental home of Zoltán Varga winemaker and farmer. Zoltán has lived and been working with his family on those hills since his childhood. He learned everything from his parents and grandparents. He uses as little chemicals as possible. He competes in national and international competitions with his wine. Do you like animals, horses? You can find plenty of them on our farm. You can even pet the very special Nóniusz horse. The guesthouse is available for longer stays. Zoltán Varga’s faith: „I would like to remember the attitude of the old villagers, the heritage of our predecessors: The knowledge of our forefathers must be saved and kept, according to the requirements of modern times. „

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