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Mother’s Daughter Sourdough Factory


035/18 hrsz.
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47.06744585119244, 16.73039317880466


My name is Attila Landherr. I am a small producer, and the facility manager of Anyalánya Kovászda which means Mother’s Daughter Sourdough Factory. My Wife and I have been processing local materials for 10 years within the Csodaszarvas Park. This is how the ” Mangalica” pig products are put on the table and the milk production has also begun. Meanwhile my wife Hajni fell in love with bread making, especially with sourdough bread making. She began baking with yeast, but she’d been reading about bread baking and found out that bread is best with SOURDOUGH. Of course one can make many delicacies with yeast as well. But let’s get back to sourdough! The daily „feeding” of the sourdough has begun. The information came from the internet, the enthusiasm came from within while the bread was being baked at home. The more crunchy bread left the kitchen, the bigger her desire grew to present it to the public as well and not only to her family. Self-educating was not enough anymore, it has become essential to learn from the professionals as well. Throughout the years she participated in many workshops of successful Hungarian baker’s. This great knowledge has been added to the breakfast service of Csodaszarvas Guesthouse. People are booking accommodations from the other side of the country in order to try “THE BREAKFAST”. It has become a symbol. In addition she started serving her bread and other specialities at weddings, teambuilding and family events. Meanwhile her daughter has also grown up – Before her high school graduation, Mimi has completed a confectioner course with great devotion and success. It was evident that they, Mother and daughter = baker and confectioner, are going to take this business to another level. They started the bakery, named Mother’s Daughter Sourdough Factory, in Fall 2021 in the Csodaszarvas Guesthouse and Landscape park in Rábahídvég.
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